Jerry Lawson and TOFT Gets Screwed

It was obvious that once Jerry Lawson and his crew made it passed the judges and on to “America’s Vote” on The Sing-Off that they’d be facing a serious demographic challenge. Sure, the judges appreciated the classic, smooth, soulful, and simple arrangements of TOFT. They did it old-school, the way we all remember it. All of us with exception of the people who watch the show. Young people, who like Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, watch The Sing-Off. They don’t give a damn about Jerry Lawson or his legacy or the perfection of TOFT’s simple elegance.

I’m not sure they should have won, but they deserved better than fourth. But this is how it goes once “America” gets involved. Bristol Palin beats Brandy and The Backbeats beat Jerry and TOFT.

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5 thoughts on “Jerry Lawson and TOFT Gets Screwed

  1. Thanks so much Aaron.. Not to worry, that’s show biz. But I think Jerry is making a guest appearance on The Sing Off 12/5 – we just got the invitation. Waiting to see what comes of it all through our management. Please visit Jerry’s new site – still working on it. – Mrs. Julie Lawson

  2. Aaron R King says:

    I am looking forward to Jerry’s guest appearance — we all need a little more Jerry Lawson in our lives.

  3. Jerry Lawson says:

    I just read Jerry your comment and you got a giggle out of him.

  4. Aaron R King says:

    The fact that I have indirectly communicated with Jerry Lawson has made my life, to be perfectly honest. I also would like to share with you an idea that I was entertaining earlier this fall — Jerry should host the show. I actually like Nick Lachey, but Jerry and Talk of the Town could open the show with a song, sort of like they used to do on the old variety shows. That would be unmistakably awesome.

  5. Jerry Lawson says:

    We both like that idea! đŸ™‚

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